Niko Crosby

I spent the bulk of my professional journey as the Operations Manager for a rideshare service company based in Delray Beach, Florida, contributing significantly to the business's expansion across more than ten locations nationwide. My career has been marked by a commitment to empathy and prioritizing active listening to clients, colleagues, and partners. This approach has consistently fostered sustained growth in diverse geographical regions and industries. 

I am based in Boynton Beach, Florida, where I reside with my wife, Carly, and our four-month-old son, River. All three of us were born and raised here, and our roots run deep within the local community. My grandfather owned and operated a local air conditioning business called Atlantic Refrigeration for over thirty years. My mom, Donna, spent her career in  the service industry as the manager of Boston's on the Beach until her retirement in 2020.

My primary professional objective is to acquire a proven local business while assisting the owners in preserving their legacies. If you are a business owner seeking retirement or know someone who is, I extend a warm invitation to connect and explore how we can collaborate.